Making the World a Better Place- with Chocolate

Our motto is “making the world better, one piece at a time.” But how can we make a difference in this great big world—just with chocolate? I mean, there are hurricanes, wars, and injustices that are happening right now—in our country alone. To top it all off, we each have personal issues; whether that’s family, finances, health, etc. So how can we as individuals make an impact in the world we live in?

The simple answer? Be good. The long answer? Understand that every word you say carries with it impact. Acknowledge your fellow human is as complicated as you are, and deserves the respect we ourselves deserve. But we know those things, we’ve been taught to do that from a very young age. What you haven’t been taught, but is so simple, is something that could make an even larger impact on your city, your state, your nation, perhaps even the world.

Wherever you spend your money, you are essentially voting that business, and the morals and values behind them, into business. If you want to support a cause, but don’t have the funds to do so, think of where your money goes. Does the companies you already invest money into supportyou and your causes?

Ziva Chocolates was founded and is ran by an incredible woman, Julie Whitcomb. Julie, and all of Ziva, is extremely active in investing not only into our future, but also into the future of Denver and people of all walks of life. Which is why Ziva Chocolates has supported companies like Sense of Security, Dress for Success, Family Tree, Maxfund, St. Jude Children's Hospital, The Denver Hospice, Excelsior Youth Center, GLBT, Movember, Jewish Family Service, and Extreme Community Makeover. Companies and non-profit organizations that truly make an impact and a difference in local and national communities.

This upcoming weekend, Julie is volunteering at an incredible event put on by Sense of Security, in order to raise funds for people with breast cancer to go towards the bills that start racking up when your health takes a turn. Julie, and all of Ziva, truly want to make the world better, one piece at a time.

So, when you buy chocolate—or anything, really—who are you voting for? Are you voting for companies that inspire and make a difference, or are you just buying to buy? When you make intentional choices, you can make an impact on the world, even if it is just one piece. Because if we all make little impacts, the world will be greatly impacted. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what we can do.