Shame and Chocolate

We’ve all been there—we get this idea that we want to be healthy, we need to be healthy. “That’s it!” we say to ourselves. “I’m getting rid of every unhealthy thing in this house.” We proceed to toss cookies, chips, greasy snacks, and sadly, chocolate. Anything that even looks remotely tasty gets smashed into the over-flowing trash can as we try and force ourselves into obedience. Out of sight and out of mind is a wonderful concept—in theory.

If you are anything like most people—and I would say most people are like most people—it’s not necessarily that we have this desire to be healthy, as a desire to be perceived as healthy. We want the toned muscles, the lean, tanned bodies we see in the media every single day. We want to obtain this idealistic body type that most models or actors were born with and work hard to maintain. But we still want chocolate.

I know this might sound funny, coming from a chocolate company and all, but chocolate isn’t the enemy. Sure, if you eat chocolate for every meal and some times you sneak it in the middle of the night, that toned body might be a little farther away than you’d like. But the problem isn’t chocolate, or how much we consume (everything in moderation, of course). The problem is our perspective of the problem. Is someone who only eats salad better than someone who only eats chocolate? No. (Though either way we might be concerned… salad for every meal?) Every person is worthy, and every person matters, no matter what they eat and how often.

We don’t want to encourage anyone to eat chocolate all day every day and say it is because they love themselves—but we don’t want anyone to shame themselves, others, or their bodies because they enjoy some delicious foods as dessert or a special treat. Or maybe all you eat is salad, and we are cool with that. We are all human, and we all deserve love—and chocolate.

The next time you have a deep desire to be fit, remember—even being healthy requires moderation. Moderately trim what you don’t really need—but don’t shame yourself if you feel the need to snag a piece of chocolate every now and again.


For more about shame, I recommend the incredible shame researcher Brene Brown-- her Ted Talks and books. For more chocolate—see the rest of this website.


We love all of you, and we love chocolate. We just want to make the world better, one peace at a time.