Guys Vs. Girls Vs. Chocolate

The old “battle of the sexes” invades every aspect of life. Who is more intelligent? Who has more natural strength? Honestly, we don’t know the answers to those questions—and we don’t think they’re nearly as important as the one we posed: who likes chocolate more, guys or girls?

I asked friends, acquaintances, even a couple of strangers. When I posed this question, the overwhelming answer: GIRLS. But is that true? Do girls truly love chocolate more than guys do?

I hit the books to find some reasons why people in general crave chocolate. Chocolate actually increases serotonin in your brain, essentially making you happier. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness—higher levels leads to happy people; lower levels leads to less happy people. Women especially experience lower serotonin levels 7 to 10 days prior… to, uh— their time. Which is why so many women crave chocolate before their menstrual cycle. Women also experience a drop in their magnesium levels during this time, and chocolate has some of that, along with a few other trace minerals.

Some psychologists, however, argue that women craving chocolate is simply a “cultural phenomenon,” and has nothing to do with rising and falling hormonal levels. So why then, did so many people claim women like chocolate more than men?

My opinion? I agree with all of the science (I have to, or when I am craving chocolate I actually have to admit that I just enjoy sweets), but I don’t think that’s why women love chocolate more. I think men and women love chocolate equally. That’s right—exactly the same amount. I agree in part with the “cultural phenomenon” that it is totally socially acceptable for a woman to outright claim that she wants chocolate. So where does that leave men?

I think men are closet-chocolate lovers. I know of some men—my husband, for example—who refuses to say out loud that he has a love for chocolate. But when I bring home some Ziva Chocolates, he eats them late at night when I “don’t see” him eating them. Chocolate has been branded inherently feminine, but we all know that chocolate is everyone’s for the taking.

In conclusion, girls just love chocolate, guys lie about it. What are your thoughts on the chocolate phenomenon? Do girls truly love chocolate more, or is there an underground Guys-Love-Chocolate-More gang we have yet to discover? Let us know on Facebook, and maybe we can defeat the old trope of Guys versus Girls versus Chocolate, once and for all.


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