For the Love of Chocolate

            Chocolate isn’t something that one can simply “like” or “try.” Chocolate is a love affair; that one little taste warms the soul, bit by bit, until it tantalizes our tongues enough for us to crave it to the ends of the earth. Is that the reason why Julie Whitcomb, founder of Ziva Chocolates, began her adventure into entrepreneurism? You could say it was for love.

            Julie is a master artisan, able to blend flavors and ingredients in such a way that one would assume she was born as a gift from chocolate gods. But Julie is human; she keeps ideas of chocolate combinations on her phone in the notes section, some used, some forgotten. She has a big dream and works hard. She is a bold leader, daring to push boundaries in the industry without losing a sense of who she is, and what Ziva stands for as a company.

            Ziva Chocolates is the easy, delicious dessert served up from the hard work our founder laid out. She creates connections with ease, and in turn happens on to some wonderful business opportunities. Anywhere the Ziva banner goes, someone has a great story about Julie.

            Julie has this deep love of people; this deep understanding that she could use her talents for good. For her, for her family, for her employees, for organizations that Ziva supports. For the smile that can be spread from person to person—by using chocolate.

            You may be thinking, “why the fuss about chocolate?” Well, my friend, if you haven’t tried something from Ziva, you may be used to plain, albeit yummy, boring chocolate. Have you ever tried bacon dipped in chocolate? Or hand-rolled bourbon infused truffles? Not only are these mouth-watering ideas brought to life by our founder, they are doing good for the world.

            We at Ziva Chocolates believe in making a difference. Sure, we sell chocolate. Sure, it would be entirely normal to simply continue to push for our success, our financial gain. We work hard to be successful, but we also work hard to support causes that do more for others. Which is why we are proud to continue offering support to organizations such as Sense of Security, Dress for Success, Family Tree, Maxfund, St. Jude Children's Hospital, The Denver Hospice, Excelsior Youth Center, GLBT, Movember, Jewish Family Service, and Extreme Community Makeover.

            We believe in making the world a better place, one piece at a time. All for the love of chocolate.